The Quote-Finding Photography Big Game!

The most awesome game EVER.

The Quoto Rules

Quoto's a photography game. Each team of two gets a quote and the game is to go out and photograph the words of the quote rebus-style. This is a big game, meant to be played outdoors during daylight hours, preferably in an urban environment.

Players: 2 or more teams of similar size. All players must be human.

Equipment: One digital camera per team.

Time: 30 minutes

Here's How to Play:

1. Give each team the same series of quotes from the Quotobank.

2. Each team has 30 minutes to traverse the city looking for words, letters, parts of words, or iconographic representation of each word in the sentence. They must photograph the sentence in order.

For example, if the sentence is, "The horse was thirsty so he walked to the stream for a drink," the players would start looking for the word "The" to photograph. Then they must phootgraph "horse" -- either a real horse, a picture of a horse, or the word "horse" itself. Then they must photograph a "w" and and "as", etc.

Repeating letters or words off of the same physical sign is not allowed and it is not necessary to photograph punctuation.

Teams are NOT allowed to take pictures of words they write down, computer screens or any other generated text.

3. Upon their return, the teams look at each other's photographs and compute their scores.


The team with the highest score at the end wins!


Each word completed: 10 pts.

Each sentence completed: 20 pts.


A team loses 50 points if they come back late.

In Conclusion

If you can't have fun playing Quoto, you probably have no soul.